Wireless Document Camera

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Wireless Document Camera with HDMI & USB ,capture and stream real-time images to your computer, iOS/Android devices, Apple TV, TV, projector or monitor

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Wireless, HDMI and USB connectivity. Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera features three connection modes-Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB-that let you capture and stream real-time images to your computer, iOS/Android devices, Apple TV, TV, projector or monitor in the setup that best suits your needs.

Wireless connection to a computer, iOS/Android devices, or Apple TV.
Engage from anywhere in the room.

Connect wirelessly to your computer (Mac/PC/Chromebook), iOS/Android devices (iPad/iPhone/Android Tablet/Android Phone), or Apple TV (4th generation and above) via Wi-Fi and enjoy the freedom of streaming real-time images from anywhere in the room-all without wires getting in the way! And with a battery life of 9~12 hours,

Direct HDMI projection to TV and projector.
No computer required.

Skip the need for a computer and stream real-time images directly to your TV, projector, or monitor using an HDMI connection. This helps to cut the clutter and makes large-screen projection more straightforward.

Note: VZ-X needs to be powered on when used in HDMI mode. You can plug it into a wall outlet using any of your phone or tablet 5V/2A USB power adapter, or, connect it to a powered USB port of your TV, projector or computer. However, if there’s sufficient battery power for your session, it’s not necessary to connect VZ-X to any external power supply.

Compatible with different software in USB mode.
One document camera, many uses.

Use with a computer (Mac/PC/Chromebook) via USB to capitalize on its compatibility with a wide variety of software. You may use it with our IPEVO Visualizer software that features an intuitive UI and borderless window display to present student work or create flipped classroom videos with software.

*VZ-X features a built-in microphone that is only functional in USB mode.

Capture stunning details with 8 MP camera.
Be surprised at what you see.

Place your material under VZ-X, capture details you wish to show to your audience using its 8 MP camera and be surprised at how crisp and clear the images are! A range of high definition resolutions is available for your different needs.

Performance boost with Sony CMOS image sensor and Ambarella SoC.
Fast focus, low noise, excellent color reproduction.

With a Sony CMOS image sensor and a powerful Ambarella integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC), you’ll find enhanced performance in areas of focusing speed, noise reduction under low-light conditions and reproduction of colors as compared with previous models of IPEVO doc cams. This allows you to teach or present with lesser disruptions, distortions, and latency even in dimly lit environments.

Stronger with glass fiber reinforced stand.

Enjoy increased durability with VZ-X as we’ve included GVX-5H – a type of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic developed by the Swiss company EMS-GRIVORY – in its stand. Having the strength of metal yet lightweight than most, GVX-5H has been widely used to replace metal components in many different applications. With it, VZ-X is less likely to break from heavy daily usage.

Swiveling head and multi-jointed stand.
Capture from different heights, angles and orientations.

With a swiveling head and strengthened multi-jointed stand, you’re free to position VZ-X at different heights, angles and various orientations for capturing your material.

Small footprint.
Big impact.

VZ-X’s small footprint allows you to do more with a limited amount of space. Its base won’t take up too much of your desk, and the unit can be folded together and transported between classrooms, home or office.

Built-in LED light.
Light up when you need it.

VZ-X features a built-in LED light that gives you additional illumination for capturing material in dimly lit environments. It is ideal for use in classrooms or conference rooms that don’t have adequate lighting.

Buttons for image adjustments and quick access to software functions.

Adjust the real-time images instantly to better fit your needs using the buttons conveniently located on VZ-X’s body. You can turn LED light on, apply video filters, rotate, zoom, adjust exposure or refocus. In addition, the Action Button placed on VZ-X’s base even allows you to quickly access Visualizer’s functions such as snapshot, video recording, scan document and more!

*The Action Button is only functional in USB or Wi-Fi mode while using with IPEVO Visualizer software.

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3 reviews for Wireless Document Camera

  1. AR

    I absolutely love this document camera. I use it daily because it is so easy to use and allows all my students to be able to see. I plug it in to my computer and download the app which was very easy to do then use my projector to project it onto my board. I love that I can move the arm around and the self adjust works great. My students loved seeing our caterpillars up close and it is great for math and writing as well! I highly recommend this for teachers


    Love this camera. I Use it for scanning pages and Books to text. Since it is 4k it has good enough resolution to do 300 DPI for OCR processing on the pages. Works with ScanTaylor, Microsoft Lens, Nuance OmniPage, and BookSorber. It comes with “Visualizer” software that works well also for taking snapshot images of pages or whatever you need to photograph. It does not have a light so you will have to backlight with some other light source. If you are shopping for Document cameras or a good webcam take note that it is 4k. Most document cameras and webcams are not 4k. Since 4k is relatively new it should be advertised as 4k. If it does not specifically say it is 4k it most likely isn’t. The reason this is important is because you need around 4k to get the 300 DPI images for good OCR processing. If you use less than 4k you will have a lot more editing to do from misspelled (misrecognized) words after OCR processing and that will cost you a lot of time and frustration.

  3. Gclari

    Epson projector says “An unknown USB device is connected. Remove the USB device.”
    Someone advised me to download “Visualizer” from the App Store but with no specific directions. This device is still unusable for my needs. One would think that the manufacturer would include directions?

    The manufacturer provided the necessary information to activate the device. Many thanks! All I needed was a little direction; if that had been provided in the box, I would rate the product five stars.

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